A frantic turn of events has led to the mayhem.   In the up swell and rambling in time, the next set of turbulent waves delivers violent crests that crumble in the unforgiving troughs.

Miles off shore, the morning light cuts the horizon.  
I stood on the moving sand counting the sets as the dark water floods the tidal pools. 
 The sky does not lie and I leave this year with no regrets.  
As the morning reveals the new day and the sun set steals the light. 
 This year ends and a new one in sight. 

The Door of life

Long are the streets,  like rivers of black.   One by one the dwellings repeat.   My measure of life was the one white door.  Bleached by the sun shall open no more.    Repeat this movement from rise to set.   How I wondered if I would forget.  

I arrive with my breath held inside.   I survived another day,  I am alive.   The soul behind the door shattered but strong,   counting the days since she’s been gone.  
Deteriorating day by day the moments of life.  Everyday I’m opening the Door of Life.

Silence. Depth. Pulsating.

Silence.  Depth.  Pulsating.  

 In the distance,  the silence crumbled into the sounds of life.   Through the depth of trees I could see the colors, leading me on.     Vibrations of life twisted and contorted, moved through the pulsating air.   
Only when life’s journey’s fail to impress,  does one soul want more?
The Beginning.