I set out

To leave it all behind
Perfect flavor
Perfect color
Perfect Impression
Perfect World
In time
In time…
I will leave it all behind
Temptation in my mind


White walls

Grief expressed within
Glance out the window
I remember when you
Wanted to give in
Incidents an open book
Chances in this world
You were overtook
Corner of my eye
Drifting away
I was ready to accept


Efficiency of the Heart

To fall unjust to the words which complicate
I walk through the web parting my way
Captured in my emotions
Lost is the day
I have been burned


At first glance only a day

Awakened sense
Reality at will
Harnessed my motion
Night will kill
Follow a lonely trail
Relief in the night air
Solid is the day
My life is captured this way
Deliver my only message
Life in its simple form
Believe in nothing
My commitment torn
Catapult me far away
All of my life
Captured in one day


In this moment

I vowed to remember
A secret thought
A message to myself
The sender
Complex minutes
Stand with no reason
I have been drawn to the edge
No reflection to understand the pain
This land inside these walls
Is insane
Is it about me
Or am I understanding the disease
So many faces and only one to please
I know this wall and its plan
My message to myself


My hands held my head

Overwhelm with grief
Overstated my reason
In this world
There is no peace
I understand
Too much passion
Drives a hollow soul
My hands are reaching
Out of control
Not much to feel
Is the news real
Contemplating the unimaginable
Yeah I understand
I am breathing


I realize every action has a reaction

I have learned to accept the outcome
I will embrace the prospect of the future
Do I need to accept consequence
If I do nothing at all!


No coincidence

No judgement
No cause
I travel alone
Among the souls
Connected and able
In my hands
Worlds apart
I Breathe


I thought I new myself

Im sure it was real
The day you left
The day in May
Now all you have
Left behind
For my imagination
Has stalled in time
I control my chances
I see my memory
Awakened from my day
Only memories stay