Sunset in the distance
A drive
To meet you

I’m inside my head
You were out of your mind

The last look in your eyes
Put a close in my day
Not enough time
With so much to say

If you walk away now
I knew you loved me
If you let go now
You will set me free

Midnight embrace me
I never missed a day
Morning hold me
So I think of you…

Everyone Significant

My feet touch the edge
Turn my back to the wind
Breath in the land
Pray the water will catch me

If only to dream
Please…Return to me
Sleeping and sleeping
Over the sea

Hands cover my eyes
How wonder and realize
The deepest love
You cared for me

If only to live
Remember me
Drifting and drifting
Over the sea

Stained glass in the sand
Waves wash my memories
Even with a broken hand
Shattered light broken
And fractured from the cold

Clouds a mask for the day
Separating curtains of light
Give grief a reprise
If only…
you’re gone I finally realize

Patience I held
Staying awake for days
Sky didn’t fall
Looking at these withered winding halls

  • Spoken words
    Surround me
    Winds shifting
    Time to set you free…

Simple to nothing…

Paralyzed my thoughts
To wonder
Yet sending my
Thoughts for your safety

I measure time
To wonder
Where you’ve gone

I see you
And know you are

Rippled water
Waiting for your reflection
Sky is blue
Sending my dedication

Tree line cast a shadow
Feeling real
Watching clouds move in
I place my thoughts
Steady and true
But stumble to begin

Those moments
Pictures tell
The story
Faces hold the truth
I can’t imagine
The cracks you fell through

Center of Low

Want you to know
When I thought
You would follow
I’m the one
The one at center of low

My ego high
My ego low
Blaming myself
A slanted vision of our world

Cries across the coldest lake
Quite possible to quit
Why experiment
Feet in stone
Frightened in my world alone
So gone…