In this moment

I vowed to remember
A secret thought
A message to myself
The sender
Complex minutes
Stand with no reason
I have been drawn to the edge
No reflection to understand the pain
This land inside these walls
Is insane
Is it about me
Or am I understanding the disease
So many faces and only one to please
I know this wall and its plan
My message to myself


My hands held my head

Overwhelm with grief
Overstated my reason
In this world
There is no peace
I understand
Too much passion
Drives a hollow soul
My hands are reaching
Out of control
Not much to feel
Is the news real
Contemplating the unimaginable
Yeah I understand
I am breathing


I realize every action has a reaction

I have learned to accept the outcome
I will embrace the prospect of the future
Do I need to accept consequence
If I do nothing at all!


No coincidence

No judgement
No cause
I travel alone
Among the souls
Connected and able
In my hands
Worlds apart
I Breathe


I thought I new myself

Im sure it was real
The day you left
The day in May
Now all you have
Left behind
For my imagination
Has stalled in time
I control my chances
I see my memory
Awakened from my day
Only memories stay